surah feel (surah al feel) سورة فيل

surah feel
There is a famous surah in the surah feel in Quran, which has been described in the event of Hyramat, ...
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surah qariah | surah al qariah

surah qariah
Surah al-qariah is the 24th surah of the Quran, which is part of the search for the Quran. Surah al-qariah ...
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surah humazah translation in Urdu

Surah humazah
Surah humazah is the fifth surah of the Quran, and in the order of the Quran there is fifteenth revelation. ...
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surah Ikhlas translation in Urdu and English with tafseer

surah ikhlas
surah ikhlas translation in urdu and english, the quran is 112 surah and its meaning is purity and unity or ...
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