Surah teen (Wateen)سورة التين all pdf download

surah tin
Surah teen of the Quran 95 Surah, and it is an important Surah of the Quran. This Surah name is ...
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Surah zilzal (surah zalzalah) سورة الزلزال

surah zilzal
Surah zilzal (surah zalzalah) 99 surahs of the Quran in which the intestines of the world of earthquake are described. ...
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surah feel (surah al feel) سورة فيل

surah feel
There is a famous surah in the surah feel in Quran, which has been described in the event of Hyramat, ...
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surah Maun | surah al Maun سورۃ الماعون

surah maun
سورة الماعون or سورة المعون (Surah Al-Maun) is a message of Quranic who focuses on considering the importance of the ...
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surah qariah | surah al qariah

surah qariah
Surah al-qariah is the 24th surah of the Quran, which is part of the search for the Quran. Surah al-qariah ...
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